Up for a Challenge? Help Us Roll 1000 Hippos

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The Rotary Club of Gibsons, BC is providing the spark to help ignite a global project. We invite you and your Rotary Club join us in this challenge to change the lives of 1000 women!
The Village of Taweni, South Africa Celebrates Handover

Our most recent project delivered 60 hippo rollers to the village of Taweni, South Africa just before Christmas 2018. The video of the community celebrating the handover of this life-changing tool is truly inspiring.

Vingerkraal, South Africa Celebrates Handover

Our partnership with the Benoni van Ryn Rotary Club delivered 142 hippo water rollers to the community of Vingerkraal. SA. The hippo rollers have allowed the community to substantially expand their gardening activities and make it commercially viable. 

The First Hippo Roller Delivery for Kguatswane, South Africa

The hippo water roller just makes sense!! Our first club's fundraising activity resulted in delivering 60 hippo rollers to the community of Kguatswane in Eastern Cape, South Africa.