Taweni Garden Project April, 2019

April started out to be wet and cold, but finally the gardens could be planted!

Khaya received help from a young couple who volunteer their time to small villages in the area, and six students  who Khaya is instructing on traditional farming methods. 

Measurement and staking of the area to b

Measuring and staking of the area to be covered in shade cloth. Shade cloth, supported by poles, will be installed over an area of 30 x 25 feet.

Preparing the raised beds. The beds are first covered in soil and compost and then covered with cardboard and paper to prevent weeds from growing.

Raised beds being prepared.jpg
Raised beds being prepared2.jpg
Raised beds being prepared3.jpg
Raised beds being prepared4.jpg

Transplanting the seedlings... first a good dose of fresh compost!


Seedlings are planted using traditional companion planting methods... these beds contain cauliflower, beetroot, fava broad beans, marigolds and nasturtiums

Companions- cauliflower, beetroot , fava
Preparing the compost.jpg

Taweni Garden Project April, 2019

The additional water tank that will be used for feeding the irrigation lines to the garden arrives.

With only three men and a make-shift pulley, the tank was secured to the top of the metal stand. 

Water tank arrives.jpg
Water tank arrives3.jpg
Water tank arrives2.jpg
Water tank arrives4.jpg

More to come as the garden begins to take shape!