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Hippo Tears

Hippo Tears is a brilliant video filmed by Peter Macomber in the communities of South Africa. "When You Come Back" written and sung by Vusi Mahalasela.

Hippo Roller Innovation

The Executive Director of the Hippo Roller Project, Grant Gibbs demonstrates the innovation tool and its additional uses for irrigation and informal trading. 

Hippo Rollers in Action

In many parts of the developing world women and young girls spend hours every day collecting water for their daily household needs missing school or work.

A Hippo Roller Handover

An animated collage of the hippo water rollers being delivered to the community of Marapyane in South Africa. An anonymous donor sponsored the rollers.

CNN Hippo Roller Report

This excerpt from a CNN report by Mike Hanna explores the benefits of the Hippo Water Roller and the unintended benefit of protection from landmines.

The Long Walk for Water

Poor water infrastructure and sanitation are critical problems in parts of Africa. Collecting the daily household need for water is a back-breaking chore..