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Help Us Roll 1000 Hippos


We want to help our sisters in Africa by giving them a smarter way to collect their water. We want to put a hippo water roller into the hands of those who need it the most -- women, children, the elderly and families with health issues.


To connect our donors to the recipient family, each delivery of hippo rollers to a community is recorded and the video is sent to all who have donated. This personal connection puts you into the heart of the community.


Africa is increasingly 'online' and part of your giving is connecting you with the receiving family.  This has the potential of creating a deeper emotional bond between the individuals on both sides of the globe. This project provides the opportunity to actively participate in building the global community.


"A personal appeal is made to you and your organization to actively support this project which will positively change the lives of millions of our fellow Africans.” - former South African President Nelson Mandela.


$150 delivers a hippo water roller into the hands

of a thankful woman.


Donate $25    6 - $25 donors sponsor 1 Hippo Roller

Donate $50    3 - $50 donors sponsor 1 Hippo Roller

Donate $75    2 - $75 donors sponsor 1 Hippo Roller

Donate $150   1 Hippo Roller sponsored

Donate $750   5 Hippo Rollers sponsored

Donate $1500   10 Hippo Rollers sponsored