Our Goal

If a hippo water roller can save a woman 20+ hours of work per week, imagine what she could do with that time. Imagine what a community of women could do. Or a nation.


Our goal is to raise the funds to put a hippo water roller into the hands of 10,000 women in rural South Africa.  While it barely scratches the surface of the need, we see our mission as starting the momentum to create a paradigm shift on how a chore is done.


The gift of a hippo water roller delivers an immediate benefit to those who need it the most... women and children. Best of all, it requires no training, no skill and no tools to implement this empowering innovation.




A simple tool that will empower millions of women... "Why hasn't someone thought of this before?"

On any given day, over 750 million women and children collectively spend 140 million hours hauling water for their basic household needs. The traditional method of collecting water involves carrying re-purposed, five-gallon buckets on the head. It’s a burdensome and time-consuming task that enslaves women to a cycle of poverty and tradition.


But this problem does have a solution: the hippo water roller.


The simple design of the hippo roller to transport water was a shift in thinking. Instead of carrying heavy buckets on their heads, the hippo roller places the weight inside its “wheel.” It can carry five times as much weight but since it is rolled on the ground, even a small child can easily manage a full roller. 

 This simple tool will change the lives of millions of women and children in rural communities. A single hippo roller carries enough water to meet the basic needs of seven people per day.  It gives them access to better hygiene, sanitation and living conditions. Families can now easily collect enough water to grow their own vegetable gardens.

The hippo roller, with its large drum capacity, frees women and children from this daily chore of hauling water for their households. Fewer trips to collect water means women and children can spend their time on more productive educational and economic opportunities.


This innovative tool will empower millions of women and children across the globe. You can help make it a reality. Please donate now.



Our Team

Luke Vorstermans


For several decades, Luke actively participated in a global network of men and women who sought social change through personal responsibility and eco-friendly living.  He put his extensive training and experience behind this innovative tool and co-launched the non-profit organization, Roll a Hippo Foundation. 


 Email: luke@rollahippo.org


Linda Ryan


Linda spent a year in Southern Africa and returned to Canada with a passion to empower the lives of the women and children she met. Once she saw the hippo roller and its life-changing benefit,  she jumped into the project with a determination to spread the word about this simple tool and co-launched the non-profit, Roll a Hippo Foundation. 


 Email: linda@rollahippo.org


Grant Gibbs


Grant founded the Hippo Water Roller Project in 1992 and has been instrumental in assisting rural and undeveloped communities to improve access to water – a basic human right. His persistence in working with governments, NGO’s, corporations and donors has resulted in improving at least 400,000 lives in 21 countries throughout Africa.  


Email: grant@hipporoller.org