Up for a Challenge? Help Us Roll 1000 Hippos

Rotarians Rolling Hippos

The Rotary Club of Gibsons, BC is providing a spark to help ignite a global project.  Since launching the Help Us Roll 1000 Hippos project, over 75 Rotary and Interact clubs have joined in to help deliver this life-changing tool into the hands of 1000 women and girls in South Africa.
As of Jan 1/20, our efforts have funded 545 rollers, and nine Rotary clubs in South Africa are involved in their distribution through their local projects. These clubs add value by including seeds, trees, tools, personal products, etc.... whatever serves their local projects.  Each Community Handover is videoed to provide marketing and social media materials. This club-to-club relationship really works!
Best of all, the growth potential on both ends of the stick (funders and distributors) can ramp up without stressing the overall project which often happens with international projects.  Rotary is built for this type of project management: leveraging our network of local clubs -- wherever they are -- to deliver community service. 
The power of Rotary.
If your club would like to help ignite a global project, now would be a good time to make a commitment to fund 1, 3, 5, 10 or more hippo rollers.
It's an empowering international project without all the usual headaches!

For information on fundraising projects, hippo roller races, marketing materials and connecting with other Rotary clubs, email:  Rotary@rollahippo.org

A Powerful 3-Minute Presentation Your Club Should See!


The massive size of the need and the simplicity of the solution will astound you. This simple tool will transform a burdensome chore and empower millions of women.

 "Let's be the spark that ignites a global project."

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Community Rollovers

Kgautswane, SA

The hippo water roller just makes sense! Rotary clubs fundraising activity resulted in delivering 60 hippo rollers to the community of Kguatswane in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The Village of Taweni, SA

Our most recent project delivered 60 hippo rollers to the village of Taweni, South Africa. The video of the community celebrating the rollover of this life-changing tool reveals their impact.

Vingerkraal Community

The Benoni van Ryn Rotary Club delivered 142 hippo water rollers to tVingerkraal. SA. The rollers allowed the community to substantially expand their gardening activities and make it commercially viable. 

Hippos for Schools

Nine Montessori schools in the Transkei area each received 3 hippo rollers for their school gardens and teaching the benefits of using the hippo roller.

Hippos vs Buckets Race!

The hippo roller team may have come in a close second in thie 'Buckets vs Hippos" race but since they carried four times more water the wnner was obvious!

Handover- Eastern Cape, SA

Poor water infrastructure and sanitation are critical problems in parts of Africa. Collecting the daily household need for water is a back-breaking chore..